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Sat, Jun. 11th, 2005, 10:00 pm
barrowhound: On Telekan

There are more Telekan in the city than most would care to admit. The only place they are appreciated at all is in the gladiatorial arena, and the only reason telekan continue to exist is because the dragons breed them for combat. Some telekan have escaped, or been set free, drifting away to find other roles within the city, but none are considered legal citizens. Telekan slaves are not valued for their rarity, and when not owned by the dragons, are often not permitted to breed, sometimes physically. They have either caused or been blamed, at some point or another, for every major conflict in known history. Their innate mental magic abilities frighten people. The Vedrig, especially, have an innate fear of the Telekan that most don't bother to overcome. Their abilities have made them a target. They are considered beasts, and not truly sentient, by many. Since they are not legally recognized as people, they cannot ever legally be free. An escaped or freed Telekan might, at any time, be claimed as property, no matter how much they've fought for their freedom.
We of the Church of Ginjan support legal recognition of the Telekan people. They may not be well liked, nor entirely safe to have within the city, but they are here, and while they are here, they should be given the same chances as anyone else.
They are not mere animals. They are cunning, and often quite bright. Their abilities grant them a keen insight into the minds of others. At the very least, they can sense strong emotions from others. The most powerful Telekan can see right into someone's thoughts. This is why they are considered so dangerous. It is very hard to lie to them.
They believe that they possess two souls, the spirit of their consciousness, and the spirit of their guardian, inseparably bound until death. This is why, they say, they can walk in the minds of others, and why all Telekan are family. A Telekan might believe a new acquaintance to have a spirit bound to hers in a previous life. The Telekan are very insistent in this belief. It is possessed by all surviving racial groups, regardless of their geographic origin.
There are several of these racial groups, and many of mixed heritage. Above all, Telekan accept their own as Telekan. Distinctions of breed are not important to them. The dragons, however, favor breeding Highlander Verak, who are covered with shaggy black fur, with large, sharp horns and even sharper tusks. Their fearsome appearance is popular with audiences. Along with Lowlander and Nomad Verak, Highlanders are from Madavia. Lowlanders' fur is shorter and less course, and their tusks are much smaller, rarely showing from under their lips, except in old males. Nomad Verak are shaggy, usually brown, and have no tusks at all.
Ormeel come from Emrikal, and resemble musk-oxen, with downward sloping horns and a slightly shorter, stockier build than Madavian Telekan. This is rather inconsequential, since all Telekan are huge - eight to ten feet tall. All races are hoofed, horned, covered in fur, with a bovine appearance and tail. Their feet are cloven hooves, the sign of mind magic. Their hands are more dexterous, but each of their three fingers is topped with a hoof-like nail. They live to be, at most two hundred, if left to their natural span, which, sadly, isn't often.