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Thu, Jan. 5th, 2006, 06:14 pm
barrowhound: On Vosk

Vosk are soldiers. The kenaki made them to battle against the vedrig, about three hundred and eighty years ago, when the vedrig wouldn't turn over the areas in Anserona under their control.
The kenaki tried to mimic the speed and strength of the wolf-people, and came close to matching that, but only in body.
They made the vosk from canine stock. There were no wolves alive when they did this, and they had to use the domestic dog, instead. Vosk are dogs. Their instincts and their thoughts are simple. Obey, run with the pack, eat, mate, fight. People say that they're not self-aware, and most vosk don't seem capable of carrying the debate in conversation, but they can speak, and feel, and act to preserve their own lives, at any rate.
They are not a free race. The kenaki don't consider their work with the vosk complete. They would rather the dog-people be more intelligent, and are currently breeding for that. In the meantime, the vosk are totally enslaved, and considered property.
Vosk are the common fodder of the gladiatorial arena. People don't expect much from them, save numbers, so vosk are rarely the main attraction, and rarely live long.
Vosk don't live very long, regardless, only about forty years. Female vosk give birth to litters of three to five children. Male vosk don't always take an active roll in raising them.
The Emikalens employ vosk as guards and grunt law-enforcement, but never in leadership positions. Vedrig hate vosk, which confuses the vosk. Vedrig smell like vosk, to them, and react in much the same way.
They lack manes, and cannot breed with vedrig. They resemble roughly bipedal dogs, and the differences between vosk and vedrig are quite readily apparent.