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Mon, Jan. 23rd, 2006, 04:46 pm
barrowhound: On Dragons

There are five gemlink (g as in 'green'. The word is from their old language, meaning literally 'intelligent reptile'.), or dragons currently alive. They are powerful, and able to generate their own magical power, which has allowed them to maintain themselves as a governing force even under Emrikalen control.

Not much is known about their true biology. From legend and old histories, we know that they live for thousands of years, and breed only rarely. They are enormous creatures. Amna, the largest, is a hundred feet long, with a wingspan three times that. They are capable of flight, but given the confines of their size and the city, it's very rare that they will take to the air while in their true forms. They are, being very powerful magical beings, able to take other, more convenient shapes, most often either a smaller version of their true form, or various bipedal guises.

They collectively hold a seat on the House Council. Each possesses enough wealth to play a fair hand in city-wide affairs. Truth be told, the dragons could probably have Anserona if they wanted it. They appear content to keep their own organizations running, and matching forces in the gladiatorial arena. The old draconic culture involved a constantly shifting hierarchy, with barely ritualized combat determining rank. Shortly before the Great War, the diminishing number of dragons brought a shift from personal combat to the practice of pitting one's military resources against another. Thus, we have the arena.

Lethal gladiatorial combat has remained legal for centuries, because of draconic influence. The games are made public, and the dragons bring in quite a lot from admission fees and concessions. The gladiators are trained and often raised from birth in their roles, and form an isolated culture of their own, which will be addressed later.

Each of the surviving dragons sustains an armor suit, which acts as some sort of magical battery, enabling them to tap their own energy. The dragons are easily identified by their armor, and are commonly referred to by the following.

Iron Dragon – Amna
The Iron Dragon lives among the vedrig, and her business is tied with theirs. Her palace stands prominently near one of the northern sun towers, and her influence is strong among the trade guilds there.
Her suit is constructed of red and black iron, incorporating a system of furnaces and boilers, thus augmenting her natural fiery breath with scalding steam. As far as what's known about the dragons goes, she is thought to be the oldest among those who survive.

Glass Dragon – Oseraxesiaricour
The Glass Dragon lairs near Amna's palace, and appears to be closely aligned with her, though their competition in the arena is especially fierce. It's been said that Oseraxesiaricour is obsessed with her. Why he is, is anyone's guess.

Green Dragon – name unknown
The Green Dragon surrounds himself with rubble and scrap material. Its suit is an amalgamation of various fasmat materials, predominantly green, along with bits of metal.
The Green Dragon is, as far as his kind goes, believed to be fairly young, and primarily concerned with the study of magic and natural philosophy. His associations, when he chooses to associate with anyone, are with those in his area of interest. His lair is secret, but he is most often found in the center of the city.

Silver Dragon – Hasisendira
The Silver Dragon is covered with elaborate armor made of thousands of jagged silver blades. She associates with the jaunx and the whitesilver mine, Mestraud. Utterly unfriendly to the other dragons, she is difficult to approach by anyone not in her organization. Hasisendira has taken out entire guilds that crossed her or so much as stood in her way, and is wealthy enough to handle any legal ramifications of doing so. Her underworld ties are almost certain.

Forest Dragon – Yailisindre
The Forest Dragon uses all of her resources to construct and maintain an underground garden, the last forest in existence. Her suit is made of the plants of her beloved forest. She is covered in wood, plants and moss. She rarely leaves her home, usually to compete in the arena or to handle matters of importance to the dragons alone. Those who have been given free passage to her forest say that she is a gentle creature, and the state of the city pains her to such an extent that she cannot bear to see it.